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David Lloyd-Hoare Bsc(Hons)

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Protecting Your Data

In order to offer a professional service, I need to keep relevant records of your contact with me and these are kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Our exchanges will be stored securely in a password protected encrypted file on my computer.  No identifying names or numbers will be kept as these are replaced with a client ID number. This is required by law and is equally applicable to face-to-face client notes for both our protection. No electronic records of our sessions will be kept at the end of our contracted work.

At the end of work together, and after a period of 6 months all your records are removed from my computer and the records are destroyed using special software that ensures that they cannot ever be retrieved. Records of therapeutic exchanges are legally owned by the therapist.

Posting direct information or verbatim transcripts of exchanges with the therapist is a breach of law. Neither extracts nor whole copies of our exchanges should be circulated to any professional or social forums, or third parties. I take care to keep our information protected and request that you do the same in return.

For the sake of confidentiality all our exchanges should take place through a secure server. In case you would like to contact me via ordinary email or via SMS (text), please try and keep the information to practical issues such as re-scheduling appointments as these are not encrypted.

Agreements for Online Counselling

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Data protection concerning Online counselling offered by qualified and professional Counsellor and Psychotherapist, David Lloyd-Hoare BSc(Hons)
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