The Types of Therapy I Offer

Psychological therapies  fall into a number of categories, many of which I offer:

Below is a breakdown of some of the different therapies I offer:

Cognitive and behavioural therapies
Behavioural therapies are based on the way you think (cognitive) and/or the way you behave. These therapies recognise that it is possible to change, or recondition, our thoughts or behaviour to overcome specific problems. The therapies of this type I offer are:

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
Cognitive therapy
Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR)

Psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapies
Psychoanalytical and psychodynamic therapies are based on an individual’s unconscious thoughts and perceptions that have developed throughout their childhood, and how these affect their current behaviour and thoughts. The therapy of this type I offer is:

Psychodynamic therapy

Humanistic therapies
Humanistic therapies focus on self-development, growth and responsibilities. They seek to help individuals recognise their strengths, creativity and choice in the ‘here and now’. The therapies of this type I offer are:

Gestalt therapy
Person-centred therapy (also known as “client-centred” counselling)
Solution-focused therapy
Transactional analysis
Transpersonal psychology

Couples counselling
Couples counselling (also known as relationship counselling) is a type of therapy that looks to aid communication and facilitate change within an intimate relationship. Typically, the term couples counselling is applied when the therapy is specifically designed for two people within a relationship.

Other therapies I offer are:

Family/Systemic therapy
Group therapy
Integrative counselling
Interpersonal therapy
Psychosexual therapy