My Session Fees and How to Make Payment

There’s a wide variety in the fees that counsellors and therapists charge their clients.

Inexperienced counsellors and those who have just completed their first training, or who are looking to make up their working hours as part of their exam process will often charge smaller fees reflecting that they have less experience

Because these counsellors are still gaining experience they are usually not as effective as a counsellor who has studied in greater depth and has many more years of experience working with a wide variety of problems.

Working with an experienced counsellor usually brings the outcome you want faster, and results in you paying less overall.

If you had a physical complaint, I’m sure that you would rather trust complicated surgery to a highly qualified doctor with years of experience rather than to someone fresh out of medical school with little experience who would be practising with you. Surely your mental health is equally as important!

As a highly qualified, experienced psychotherapist and counsellor, I charge a fee which is average for the level of training I have achieved.

My fee is £65 per session.

Payment for sessions can be made by BACS to:

Account name: Mindscape Ltd.
Sort code: 72 00 00.
Account number: 03802051.
Please use your name as a reference.

I ask all of my Online clients to make their payments the day before the session to reduce my administration work.

Please allow an hour for your sessions. We will work for at least fifty minutes and use the remaining time for arranging further sessions  and any other business matters.

It’s important to prioritise your own needs when considering counselling. You’re worth spending some time and money on!